Deus Exhibition

The Missing Records
By Jason Sims

During the fifties and sixties, the Russian black market made improvised recordings of American Rock’nRoll, Jazz & other music banned by the Russian Government. These smuggled records were duplicated on to medical X-rays, the best suited readily available plastics, collected from Hospital Trash or given to the cause by previous patients. They were known as ‘Ribs’ or ‘Bone Records.’

Around the same time in Jamaica ‘Dub Plate’ Records or ‘Soft-Wax’ were getting cut straight from pioneering Reggae recording studios (& later Rap & EDM). They were often circulated just amongst other musicians & friends, never going into mass production & prized for their exclusivity.

Both X-Ray & Dub Plate Records were originally cut on soft plastics & would become unlistenable after only 10-20 plays.

“I love recording studios. I love the darkness, the sound density from the sound proof walls. I like the smell of warm amps, wood & effects racks of small lights blinking possibilities.”

“Hopes, friendships, aspirations, inspiration, delusions, luck, girlfriends, talent, dinner, drugs & everything else factors into a finished record which is a beautiful thing.”

“These are my visual interpretation of the experiences culminating in the capture of those few minutes in time…”

“…then cut into records, often one-offs that after only a few plays would wear-out & disappear all together, forever.”


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